Ammie Akin
Biographical Information

Dr. Ammie Akin joined the Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Technology Studies (ELPTS) as Clinical Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership.  She is the newest member of the leadership for character team, which is part of the Center for the Study of Ethical Development at The University of Alabama.  She joins the team as a leadership facilitator where she develops programs for aspiring and current principals and superintendents. Dr. Akin also assists with The University of Alabama Superintendents’ Academy.  Dr. Akin’s professional experience spans all levels, from elementary to high school and college. She has served as a teacher, an administrator and as an assistant superintendent. Throughout her career, her greatest strength has been mentoring teachers to leadership roles.  Dr. Akin completed her undergraduate training at the College of Education at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. She earned a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership at Samford University. Her dissertation consisted of an independent research study in the area of constructivist mathematics and student engagement.  Current research interests include trauma informed education and transitional services for adults with special needs.