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Gerald M. Cattaro
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Gerald M. Cattaro, EdD,

       Professor of Education, Director of the Center of Faith Based Education and Catholic School Leadership and former Chair of the Division of Educational Leadership Administration and Policy, in the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University in New York City. Currently on the editorial boards of Education and Urban Society, International Educational Reform and the Governing Board of Journal of Catholic Education. Writes, teaches speaks, and conducts research nationally and internationally, on governance issues associated with non-public schools, executive leadership of non-public schools, non-public school policy, and international non-public education. Dr. Cattaro serves on numerous nation and international committees and boards. Having mentored well over 50 Ph. D. dissertations on Educational leadership Dr. Cattaro has students in every continent among them Bishops, University and College president, Deans, Superintendents of School, and principals.

His latest book on the fiftieth anniversary of Gravissium Educationes. Organized closely with the Congregation of Catholic Education in Rome organizing a national group of Superintendents to attend the world wide Congress of Education to be held in Rome November of this year.

He was a School Administrator for nearly 20 years and earned his Doctor of Education Degree at Teachers’ College of Columbia University in New York

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