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Sarah Woulfin
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Sarah Woulfin is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy who studies the relationship between education policy and equitable instruction. Much of her work draws on the research-practice partnership approach to formulate relevant questions, engage with practitioners in substantive ways, and transform practice.

Using lenses of organizational sociology and qualitative methods, Dr. Woulfin investigates pressing issues of district and school reform, including how to strengthen instructional coaching and how to develop the capacity of special education teachers. While analyzing institutional structures and organizational conditions within districts and schools, she focuses on leadersÂ’ and teachersÂ’ roles in policy implementation. Her research illuminates how infrastructure and leadership shape reform efforts as well as equitable improvement.

Dr. Woulfin's work has been published in American Journal of Education, Educational Administration Quarterly, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, and Teaching and Teacher Education. Her research has been funded by the Spencer Foundation and Wallace Foundation. Dr. Woulfin is a co-editor of Educational Researcher. Additionally, she serves on the Executive Committee of UCEA.

As a former urban public school teacher and reading coach, Dr. Woulfin was dedicated to strengthening studentsÂ’ literacy skills to promote equitable outcomes. As a scholar, her commitment to raising the quality of instruction for all students across all schools motivates her research on how policy influences the work of district administrators, principals, instructional coaches, and teachers.

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