Sara Dexter
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Sara Dexter is an associate professor of education with expertise in technology leadership. Her primary research interests lie in exploring the relationship between educational leadership, technology leadership, and resource management. She has an extensive background in the development of case-based learning environments for both aspiring teachers and school administrators. Her research incorporates decision-making skills at multiple levels of leadership regarding technology implementation. Through her courses, she guides school leaders in strategically designing systems in which students needs might be best served by the leadership structures used for implementation of technology in schools. An integral part of her instruction includes facilitating the process of honing school leaders’ skills to discern how to tackle technology implementation through the collaborative utilization of human resources and the use of available technology within their schools. Based on her innovative research in technology leadership, she is the 2009 recipient of the University Council for Educational Administration’s (UCEA) Jack A. Culbertson Award, presented annually to outstanding junior professor of educational administration, in recognition of her contributions to the field. She also received the Hanne Mahwinne Service Award in 2019 during her fourth and final year as Senior Associate Director for UCEA. 

Distinctions at UCEA
2013-2014 PSR
University of Virginia
2014-2015 PSR
University of Virginia
2015-2016 PSR
University of Virginia