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Ann O'Doherty
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Biographical Information

Since 2012, Ann O'Doherty has served as Director of the Danforth Educational Leadership Program at the University of Washington. In 2019, UCEA selected the Danforth program for the Exemplary Educational Leadership Preparation Program Award. As the director of Danforth, she develops equity-driven, learning-focused, highly collaborative school and district-level leaders through a unique, competency-based program supported by a performance guarantee. 

Prior to joining UW, she worked at The University of Texas at Austin directing the UT Collaborative Urban Leadership Project designed to prepare effective secondary school leaders for Dallas, Houston and Austin-area school districts. Ann has directed and co-directed three US Department of Education grants. She has served as a consultant to schools and districts and leads professional learning with school district faculty on culturally responsive leadership, engaging student voice and curriculum development. Ann contributed to the University Council for Educational Administration’s Leaders Supporting Diverse Learners FIPSE grant and co-developed a leadership curriculum module, Building a Community of Trust through Racial Awareness.

Prior to serving in higher education, Ann devoted eighteen years to PreK-12 public schools as a principal at elementary, middle, and high school levels and special education teacher. Her ongoing research interests include program evaluation, coaching, leadership development and district-level influence on school success. She regularly contributes to research and scholarship efforts.

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