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Daniel D. Liou
Biographical Information

Daniel D. Liou is an associate professor of educational leadership and innovation at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. His research agenda focuses on three interrelated themes examining how the sociology of expectations foster conditions of equity and justice in the educational pipeline: (1) curriculum and instruction, (2) school and community leadership and transformation, and (3) higher education.

Currently, Liou is an associate editor of Education Policy Analysis Archives. To connect theory to practice, Liou is the appointed chair of the Equity and Inclusion Committee for Division A at the American Educational Research Association. He is also an elected member of the school board at the Los Angeles College Prep Academy.

Liou was raised in a low-income, immigrant, and single parent household. He was the first in his family to graduate from high school and college, resulting in his important intersectional perspective as a first-generation faculty and frequent invited speaker on issues related to equity and asset models of education.

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2016-2017 PSR
Arizona State University
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