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John Beuhring Nash
Dept. Chair, Faculty at University of Kentucky
(859) 257-2570
Biographical Information

John Nash is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership Studies at the University of Kentucky and the founding director of the Laboratory on Design Thinking in Education, or dLab. He's also a director of the UCEA Center for Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education, or CASTLE, also at the University of Kentucky.

John's is a specialist in the design and prototyping of innovations in education. He teaches a range of courses on design thinking, school technology leadership, and school reform. His current research agenda focuses on the methods to design and prototype of innovations in education.

He is the former associate director for evaluation at the Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning (SCIL), where he conducted applied research on improving program evaluation in grant-funded initiatives. He was also a grantmaker for the Wallenberg Global Learning Network, an arm of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation of Stockholm, Sweden, focused on enhancing learning outcomes through educational technology in the U.S., Sweden and Germany.

Prior to his work at SCIL he served as the Associate Director of Assessment and Research at the Stanford Learning Laboratory, where he directed an interdisciplinary team of research scientists examining the effects of innovative technologies on learning.

John has a PhD in educational administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Distinctions at UCEA
2015 Clark Seminar Reviewer