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Deborah Peterson
Biographical Information

Deborah is a scholar/practitioner with 30 years experience in public school teaching and leadership and is currently preparing future school leaders. Her research agenda includes a strong focus on culturally responsive school leadership, the experience of women leaders, and sustaining the human spirit of social justice leaders. Publications include several book chapters on equity and Improvement Science as well as co-editing  Improvement Science: Promoting Equity in Schools (Peterson & Carlile, 2021). Additional publications include:

Peterson, D. S. (2013). Drafted! An urban principal’s tale. Educational Leadership, 70(7), 74-77. 

Peterson, D.S., Petti, A., and Carlile, S. (2013). Preparing future school leaders to ensure racial, ethnic, linguistic, and socio-economic equity in education: The ‘third way’. Education Leadership Review, special issue, May, 2013, 88-95.

Peterson, D.S. and Lehnhoff, N. (January 2014). Superintendents supporting high poverty schools: School-based social services coordination. e-Journal for New Superintendents. American Association of School Administrators.

Peterson, D.S. (2014). A missing piece in the sustainability movement: The human spirit. Sustainability: The Journal of Record. April 2014, 7(2): 74-77. doi:10.1089/SUS.2014.9810.





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