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Syed Aftab Alam
Biographical Information

Dr. Alam is Director/CEO of BWO Researches and Assistant Professor of World Religions with specialization in Social Reforms and currently Postdoctoral Fellow at International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan. He successfully delivered two Higher Education Commission (HEC) fully-funded research projects, supervised nine graduated students, published nineteen research articles, and authored three books published by national and international publishers and journals while the fourth book for BRILL in collaboration with Marshall University USA is in the final stages, visited fifteen countries, organized local conferences, webinars, and seminars. He was honored to award EIDHI Human Rights Defender Award 2020 and chair a conference session at Oxford University, England and in many other local universities. He is a member of Global Spirituality Council Romania, CRVP-Catholic University America USA, Amenity International USA, BWO Pakistan, and Editor-in-Chief of JARH & JWR Pakistan. He developed “Dr. Alam’s Community Model” which comprises “Alam Educational Framework”, “Alam Electoral System”, “Alam Finance Distribution System”, “Ethical Training Laboratories”, “Migrants’ Rehabilitation System” and “projects on” Inheritance Calculation Software System” & “CPEC and Tourism Impacts on Islamophobia”.