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Dawn Williams is an Associate Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Howard University. Underlying all of her work are premises that include the indoctrination of social justice through teaching, research, service and professional development. She has been a member of the Howard University faculty for approximately ten years; however her teaching experience spans approximately two decades. She has taught elementary students, high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, and Ph.D. STEM faculty.  Dr. Williams is author and co-author of approximately 25 articles, book reviews and book chapters that highlight the impact of K-12 macro educational policies (particularly school choice policies) targeted for urban school reform.  Currently, she is the Co-Principal Investigator of a $987,000 National Science Foundation funded grant designed to longitudinally study the pathways of Blacks and Hispanics in Engineering Education using a mixed method research design. Her research in the STEM and Educational Policy arena are focused on issues of diversity and promote a conscious social justice agenda.



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