Cynthia L. Uline
Biographical Information

Cynthia L. Uline is Professor of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University. Cynthia serves as Director of SDSU’s National Center for the 21st Century Schoolhouse http://go.sdsu.edu/education/schoolhouse/  Cynthia’s research explores the influence of built learning environments on students’ learning, as well as the roles leaders, teachers, and the public play in shaping learning spaces.  Her current research considers the potential of green schools as student-centered, ecologically responsive, and economically viable places for learning. She has published articles related to leadership for learning, leadership preparation, and the improvement of social and physical learning environments in journals such as Educational Administration Quarterly, Teacher College Record, Journal of School Leadership, Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, International Journal of Leadership in Education, Journal of Research and Development in Education, and Educational Leadership. Her latest book, co-authored with Lisa A.W. Kensler, is entitled, Leadership for Green Schools: Sustainability for Our Children, Our Communities, and Our Planet was published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis Group in October.

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