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Cheryl Family James-Ward
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Cheryl James-Ward is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University (SDSU).  Dr. Ward is the Director of the San Diego State University/San Diego County Office of Education Collaborative Master of Arts in Educational Leadership with a Focus on Technology Online Program. She is Director of the SDSU Chinese and American Educational Leadership Symposium.  Dr. Ward co-coordinates the master’s and administrative credential program in the Department of Educational Leadership where she teachers both master’s and doctorate level courses.  She has published numerous articles in various journals including the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education, the Educational Administration Quarterly, the NCPEA Education Leadership Review, the UCEA Review, ASCD Principal Leadership, and Voices in the Middle.  Her latest coauthored book is Using Data to Focus Instructional Improvement.  In addition to her work at the university, Dr. Ward coaches principals across the state, works with districts/universities in China, and leads schools in Design Thinking Training.