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Matthew Militello
PSR, Faculty at East Carolina University
(919) 518-4008
Biographical Information

Matthew Militello, Ph.D. is the Wells Fargo Distinguished Professor in Educational Leadership at East Carolina University. He has held faculty positions at North Carolina State University (2008-2014) and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (2005-2008). Prior to his academic career, Militello was a middle and high public school teacher, assistant principal, and principal in Michigan (1992-2003). Militello has more than 60 publications including co-authoring six books: Principals avoiding lawsuits: How teachers can be partners in practicing preventative law (2017, Rowman & Littlefield), Reframing community partnerships in education: Uniting the power of place and wisdom of people (2016, Routledge), How to prevent special education litigation: Eight legal lesson plans (2015, Teachers College Press), Principal 2.0: Technology and educational leadership (2013, Information Age), Principals teaching the law: 10 legal lessons your teachers must know (2010, Corwin Press), and Leading with inquiry and action: How principals improve teaching and learning (2009, Corwin Press). Militello has received funding to conduct research from the College Board, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Xian Normal University, a $3.5 million Race to the Top grant to train school leaders in Northeast North Carolina, and was recently awarded a National Science Foundation grant for $1 million to advance computational thinking skills to rural middle schools in North Carolina. He is also currently implementing an innovative Ed.D. degree for ECU in Southeast Asia. He earned his undergraduate teaching degree from the University of Michigan and his Master’s and Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Michigan State University.

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