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Martin Scanlan
Faculty at Boston College
Biographical Information

Martin Scanlan is an associate professor in educational leadership at the Lynch School of Education and Human Development at Boston College. Before becoming a faculty member in higher education, Scanlan spent a decade working in teaching and administration in urban elementary and middle schools in Washington, DC, Berkeley, California, and Madison, Wisconsin. He continues to work closely with building and district-level administrators to bridge research and practice. Scanlan’s research explores how to strengthen the communities of practice in schools to promote inclusion of students across multiple dimensions of diversity. His scholarship has focused primarily on reform in special education service delivery, bilingual education, and school-community collaboration. His work can help leaders conceptualize how to structure service delivery, promote professional learning, and attain resources. He is committed to design-based research in which practitioners play a lead role in articulating the problems of practice that they seek to address, and creating collaborative research projects tackling these problems.