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Sarah Jouganatos
Biographical Information

Dr. Sarah M. Jouganatos has over 15 years of experience working in education. She has held various roles in the TK-12 system such as teacher, English Language Development (ELD) coordinator, instructional coach, district level administration, and consultant. Her work has continued with local district support through enhancing ELD programs and best practices through program development, instructional coaching, and leadership guidance and support.


Currently, Dr. Jouganatos serves as an associate professor in the Graduate and Professional Studies Department at California State University, Sacramento and Program Coordinator of the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (TK-12) program. In this role, she specifically helps develop future leaders for TK-12 California schools. Dr. Jouganatos’ focus is to support and guide her students toward competency with various equity focused leadership styles that can be used in a diverse setting.

Through research in the areas of leadership practice, equity, instructional best practices, and underserved students, Dr. Jouganatos connects practice and theory in order to equip our future school leaders to challenge the status quo.