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Vicki Van Tuyle
Biographical Information

EdD, Educational Leadership, Western Illinois University, 2008

Educational Administration

(618) 650-3944

1119 Alumni Hall

About Dr. Van Tuyle
Dr. Van Tuyle joined SIUE in 2010. She teaches courses in the Principal and Superintendent Preparation Programs. Prior to teaching in higher education, Dr. Van Tuyle was an eighth grade language arts teacher, a library media specialist, a curriculum coordinator, and school superintendent.

Research Profile
Dr. Van Tuyle’s research interests include school, district, and board leadership, the role of gender in leadership, and accountability in school leadership.

Selected Publications

  • Van Tuyle, V. (2018). Illinois assistant principals: Instructional leaders or disciplinarians. Educational Leadership Review. 19(1), 1-20.
  • Van Tuyle, V. & Watkins, S. G. (2017). Self-Efficacy of female school board presidents. Journal of Women in Educational Leadership, 221, 1-21. doi: 10.13014/K2BG2M40
  • Van Tuyle, V. (2015, Spring). A profile of female Illinois school board president and their perceived self-efficacy. Education Leadership Review, 16(1). Retrieved from http://www.ncpeapublications.org/attachments/article/683/ELR%20Volume%2016%20Number%201%20Spring%202015.pdf
  • Van Tuyle, V. & Reeves, A. (2014, Fall). "Forgottonia"? The status of rural schools in Illinois' principal preparation reform. International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation, 15(2). Retrieved from http://www.ncpeapublications.org/index.php/volume-15-number-2-fall-2014
  • Van Tuyle, V. & Hunt, J. W. (2013, Summer). Will new Illinois principal preparation programs fix Illinois public schools? Critical Questions in Education, 4(3). Retrieved from http://education.missouristate.edu/AcadEd/159072.htm
  • Van Tuyle, V. & Watkins, S. (2012). Teacher librarians as connectors to the school CEO. SchoolLibrariesWorldwide, 18(1). Retrieved from http://www.iasl-online.org/publications/slw/public.html
  • Van Tuyle, V. & Watkins, S. (2011). Preparing leaders to understand the motivations and challenges of school board members. NCPEA Education Leadership Review: Portland Conference Special Edition, 12(3). Retrieved from: http://cnx.org/contents/ceabee28-56fb-46a0-a29f-d9541c2e963d@5.1:19/Tuyle-V--Watkins-S-October-201