Branding Opportunities - Award Sponsor

Publicly acknowledge the front-runners in the world of educational leadership preparation and receive recognition in the Convention program and at the ceremony. This price is per award.

Sponsorship Amount
Branding Opportunities - Mobile App Notifications

Highlight your institution's sponsorship with a significant presence on the convention mobile app. Your message will be delivered to all convention attendees that download the mobile app.

Sponsorship Amount
Branding Opportunities - Ribbons

A huge hit every year, these fun ribbons act as an icebreaker for attendees and guarantee discussion! We will include 10 ribbons with your organization's name.

Sponsorship Amount
$0 / $750
Branding Opportunities - Convention Name Badges

All UCEA attendees must have their badge displayed at all times during the event. This is the perfect way to highlight your organization or institution. Not only will the name be displayed on the neck wallet, it houses a place for room keys and money. A Convention must-have for attendees.

Sponsorship Amount
$0 / $4,000
Branding Opportunities - Signage

Provide directional signage and begin connecting with attendees as soon as they step onsite.

Sponsorship Amount
Branding Opportunities - Convention Tote Bag

Tote bag sponsorship provides high profile, enduring visibility for you at UCEA. All attendees receive a tote bag at registration and many will carry it througout the entire event and to others.

Sponsorship Amount
$0 / $2,000
Branding Opportunities - Convention Gift

The number one item attendees look forward to seeing when they look in their tote bag. Emblazon it with your logo or name, and ensure that your organization is part of the excitement.

Sponsorship Amount
$0 / $5,000
Branding Opportunities - Convention Program Ad

Advertise in the Convention Program which delivers the daily schedule. Prices are as follows:

  • Back Cover/Outside Color - $1,500
  • Back Cover/Inside Color - $1,200
  • Front Cover/Inside Color - $1,300
  • 1-Page Ad Color - $850
  • 1-Page Ad B&W - $700
Sponsorship Amount
Branding Opportunities - Convention Bag Ad

Include a flyer of your design in the Convention tote bag as a way to directly reach the audience of your field. Sponsor is required to provide the flyer and responsible for the shipment of the flyer to the convention location. Price is as follows:

  • 1 Page - 1000 flyers - $800
Sponsorship Amount