General UCEA Donation

Every dollar helps UCEA to continue offering resources and programs as well as sponsoring collaborative research projects in the field of educational leadership. We hope you have benefited from UCEA initiatives and will consider providing support so that UCEA may continue offering these to others at little to no charge.

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Co-sponsored by Carol Mullen - Virginia Tech and
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Jackson Scholars Donation

The Jackson Scholars program provides formal networking, mentoring and professional development for graduate students of color who intend to become professors of educational leadership. Through this effort, UCEA has facilitated the development of a robust pipeline of faculty and graduate students of color. Help strengthen this system of support through your donation.

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David L. Clark Donation

The David L. Clark National Graduate Student Research Seminar in Educational Administration & Policy brings emerging educational administration and policy scholars and noted researchers together for two days of presentations, generative discussion, and professional growth. Many of the graduates of this seminar are now faculty members at major research institutions across the globe. Support the educational leader pipeline with your donation.

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William L. Boyd Donation

William L. Boyd National Educational Politics Workshop gives emerging scholars (students and new academics/researchers) the opportunity to learn about current and promising research in the politics of education field and interact with leading politics of education scholars. Your donation will positively impact the educational leadership policy.

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UCEA Awards Program

UCEA sponsors an international awards program that recognizes individual scholars and programs for their significant accomplishments.  Donations can be made to individual award funds, to awards in general or to the recognition ceremony held each year. For specific information on each of the UCEA Awards, please visit the opportunities section of the UCEA website.

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UCEA Publications & Resources Donations

UCEA is a unique resource for high quality research and technical assistance in the field of educational leadership. UCEA resources (e.g., books, reports, course materials) are published both online and in paper and then offered to the public at little or no cost. UCEA relies on the monetary support of generous donors to continue providing these important resources for the field.

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