Graduate Student Convention Scholarships

Provide room & board, travel, and registration while highlighting your organiziation's commitment to educational leadership by investing in the future of the field. Your generosity will be noted in the Graduate Student Summit Program. Up to $500 will be allocated per student on a first come-first serve basis.

Sponsorship Amount
$500 / $20,000

Co-sponsored by Michelle Young / University of Virginia and Mariela Rodriguez / University of Texas at San Antonio

Graduate Student Summit Breakfast

Don't miss out on the chance to display your dedication and support of the Graduate Students of UCEA during this critical opening event to the Summit.

Sponsorship Amount
$2,000 / $4,000

Co-sponsored by University of Louisville and Michigan State University

Graduate Student Summit Program

Found in every GSS bag, this schedule is crucial to all Graduate Student Summit attendees. Guaranteed to show off your support of graduate student endeavors and raise visibility of institution/organization for future faculty recruitment efforts. Your institution's logo will be included in the print program.

Sponsorship Amount
$700 / $700

Sponsored by University of North Texas

Graduate Student Summit Audiovisual Services

Provide the professional touch to each presentation and enable full technology engagement for attendees. Full sponsorship guarantees logo of sponsor on first slide of each session. This cost is AV per session.

Sponsorship Amount
$0 / $2,500
Graduate Student Sponsorships - Jackson Scholars Reception

Support the Jackson Scholars Reception (300+) and provide your organiziation with optimal visibility. Signage will be placed highlighting the host sponsor. 

Sponsorship Amount
$2,000 / $10,000

Sponsored by University of Pennsyvlania

Graduate Student Sponsorships - Jackson Scholars Mindfulness Session

Have a healthy day with an mindfulness session (possibly including Yoga) in Denver Coloardo with fellow UCEA attendees. A gift will be provided with your institution and the Jackson Scholars logo.

Sponsorship Amount
$0 / $1,000